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Chicago Strike and Special Ed

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I read a comment in a news report about the Chicago teachers strike from a special ed teacher. According to this news story, it's the evaluation system that bases teacher evaluations heavily on standardized test score that has many of the teachers upset. I've read and heard how poorly the students in Chicago do on standardized tests. As many of us on the special needs forum know, standardized test scores can be terribly depressing when you're dealing with learning disabilities.


I wasn't sympathetic towards what looks like well-paid teachers striking after rejecting a large pay raise. At least I wasn't until I read this story. I can sympathize with people who are teaching children who have learning disorders, (both diagnosed and undiagnosed) being judged based on standardized test scores.


Anyway, here's the quote and link to the story that I though might interest some of you:


...As the teachers marched downtown, Kara Boulahanis–a special education teacher at Matthew Gallistel Elementary Language Academy–said, â€I believe that our special education students deserve a fair shake in this contract, and they’re not getting one. My students are being tested more than 16 times a year, and that’s just not appropriate. So I’m here standing with my brothers and sisters today to fight for my students....â€


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