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Favorite Coupon Sites?

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The Grocery Game website? She matches coupons from the Sunday newspapers to sales in your local stores for a really great deal instead of a just kind of good deal. I just signed up again this week.


I looked at it, but it just confused me.


Do I have to have my own coupons, or do I get the coupons from her site?

Also, is it really worth it if I can't stock up on anything. We will have NO room for anything (moving into student housing) and will have to shop week to week.

Do you then plan your meals around what's on sale, or do you plan your shopping around your meals?


thanks for the ideas so far!

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At the grocery game, you buy a Sunday paper and keep all the little coupon inserts. She accesses the past several weeks in seeing what's on sale that week (and trying to combine it with a coupon). I think the Grocery Game focuses more on stocking the pantry more than anything, so might not work for you. If you haven't much storage space, then planning meals based on what's on sale each week would probably work better, as you described. So I can see how you'd want to find some coupon sites where you can print the coupons you need.


Make sure you focus on the "loss leaders" (front page items) of the sale flyers when planning your meals.

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