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7th grade history curriculum

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I have a friend who homeschools her 2 kids (ds10 and dd12) using an open and go type program - Passage of *something* I can't remember, lol. She is looking for an additional history program for her dd12 to give her a bit more challenge. I know the lack of good middle school history programs for homeschoolers has been oft lamented, but if anyone has any suggestions for something her dd can do largely as a self guided study I know she would appreciate it!



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If she wants a textbook, I like the Human Odyssey books from K12. (You can usually find used copies at Amazon, etc.)


If she wants something with more work than that -- additional writing, etc -- that's written directly to the student and can be done with little teacher input, I would recommend History Odyssey level 2 from Pandia Press.


(The names are similar, lol, but they're quite different.)

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I agree with the pp about history odyssey. I used it last year as a spine so I could add in what I wanted.


This year I am using connect the thoughts and so far so good. It's divided into lessons per semester. It has tests. Each lesson has vocabulary to know some reading and some critical thinking type questions for you to either discuss with them or for the student to write in short informal responses. There is writing but not formal. I figure I have WWS for that. I would rather he be able to extract and expand on the reading.


It might be important to find out whether she prefers secular or not.


Ooh, yes, I forgot to say she is Christian but prefers secular materials for academics. Is History Odyssey secular?

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