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What is your favorite Bible Study?


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And by this I mean reading the Bible as opposed to a devotional-type thing.


We will be using Apologia's Who Is God? next year as the devotional portion so I don't want that this year. And I feel it is more of a Bible application.


We're looking for Bible study. We're currently using a Philippians study which we don't care for. DD knows Philippians well, so it's rather redundant for her. Last year we read through the Family Illustrated Bible and she loved it. I'm at a loss this year for regular Bible study, as for a devotional we are using Beautiful Girlhood at the moment.


DD is 12 and is just seems the studies stick with the same stories over and over. Any ideas like this?

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Were using the Explorers Bible Study on Bible Prophecy for my 12 yo DD. It's very in-depth. It is definitely challenging her. The jury is out for *me* on how I like it, but she does seem to be getting quicker at doing her daily lesson (and getting the answers correct ;)).


I think I would like to do something more "fun" next time though. I mean, I'm glad she's learning and she picked the topic, but it just seems kind of "dry" to me. I don't necessarily think she minds it, but I start to glaze over when I see the tiny black print on the page. LOL OK, I'm not giving it a fabulous review, I realize, but you might want to look into it anyway to see if it suits your needs! Just be sure to order the correct grade level - I went with Quest originally because I thought she's 7th grade and that's "jr high" - ummm, not the way these books work. It was definitely way too difficult for her and had some very mature elements in the study!

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Yeah, I guess that's what dd doesn't like, is the redundant book study, pluggin in information that you just read. She finds it boring. I looked Explorers and Inductive and it looks close to the Philippians study. I don't think it's the work in this particular study that bothers her it's the same old stories they use for elementary, not to mention they're doing Phil 1-4 ALL YEAR. Since she's a great reader, it's getting less than interesting.


I don't mind a straight bible reading, but I need some sort of a guide or plan with some questions, otherwise it's fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants and that never lasts for me. Too scattered and haphazard.

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My favorite method is to read a Study Bible. We all read the chapter together (the kids take turns reading out loud), and then we look at the notes. I'll ask the kids what something means, or they will ask a question, or sometimes we'll just pray and sing (we're reading Revelation right now and there are so many worship songs based on the words in Rev., the last two times we've ended up just singing). Other times my kids will share any notes in their Bibles. When they were younger, they had Bibles with suggested memory verses, and my daughter used to like to have us try to guess the memory verse, and that would lead to a discussion of why I thought a certain verse was worth memorizing. I'm often amazed at how our scripture reading will line up with something going on in our lives too--pretty awesome how God uses the Word in our lives!


When we study Ancient History, we read mostly Old Testament readings, but I do read a Gospel each year. When we study the early AD years, we'll read through the NT in a year (at a chapter per day, you can get through the NT fairly easily). Other years I like to do a combo of OT history, prophecy, wisdom literature, a Gospel, and another NT book or two. This hits both of my kids' preferences too, one loves OT and one loves NT.


This year we are also going through the Westminster Catechism. I'll ask a question, they try to answer it, and then we read the answer and look up related verses. That's been interesting as well.


Hope you find something that works out well for you! Merry :-)

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We really like Victor Journey though the Bible, and use it in a WTM history sort of way. Each topic tells you which verses to read, then gives you a page or two of cultural and historical context to go with it, along with maps, pictures, occasional boxes of extra information for further study.


I typically spread one topic out over a week, which will take them more than one school year to get all the way through the book. A week for my logic stage kids could look like this.

Day 1: Read the assigned verses

Day 2: Read the extra info from Victor Journey

Day 3: Look up the 4 of the extra verses in the side box

Day 4: Draw the map/temple/whatever-handy-chart-is-there, or copy pertinent verses

Day 5: Write at least a paragraph about what you learned


I like this idea!

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