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New year curriculum for 2012-2013.....


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I have been homeschooling my kids since 5 years.I am going to start my new year next month.

My kids are also using T4L as a main curriculum besides some practice workbooks.Should I be confident on selecting homeschool curriculum with t4l ,and hope am not missing anything.My kids are 8.5 and 9.5 years old.

What do you think should I be content with my homeschool curriculum for both my kids?or add something else esp. in LA?

Here is what I am using ,so guide me am I right in my selection :



Spelling :


Zaner-bloser connection spelling

30 minutes twice a week.



Wordlywise 3000 online

15 minutes 4 days a week.




Creative writing twice a week

Writing with ease-5 days a week

They read aloud or read independently the Science,History and Literature chapters,then they write 2-3 narrations in Science,History and Literature each week.....Is it ok.?



Reading :


Oxford Reading Circle: A rich treasure trove of literary works from across the world

McGuffey's Readers

Fun/Classic novels reading and oral/written narration.

Literature Readaloud/silent reading - chapter a day

Readers/comprehension-20 minutes thrice a week.




McGraw Hill LA Grade 3

30 minutes thrice a week.



Donna young free cursive handwriting worksheets.

15 minutes 5 days a week.



Singapore Science as a spine

30 minutes twice a week with written narrations.




Evan moor daily geography

Twice a week.




Singapore Maths as a spine

45 minutes-1 Hour daily with 15 minutes xtramaths.org



30 minutes thrice a week with oral/written narrations.







Once a week with oral/written narrations.


Free reading-30 minutes daily at bedtime.


Hope someone will chime in and guide me through my homeschool journey.

Thanks once again for reading !!!!

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