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Delaying freshman year

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My son has been talking about doing a year long study at the same school in England where his brother, in his senior year, spent two months. So instead of doing it like we did with his brother, he is thinking about spending the first year after his high school graduation there.


This brings some logistical questions to mind:

1. Do we continue to follow the course of college applications and ACT/SAT testing as we would if he were going to college immediately after high school?

2. If we continue the usual college application track, do we ask for a deferred entry and inform them of his plans for the intervening year?

3. If we do not continue as usual, would he take the ACT/SAT when he returns in order to provide a more current test?


The credits he will earn at this school will not transfer as credit to the state schools where he will likely apply. And this is fine with us. The experience is what we would like to obtain.


I now many of you have done this - I have never had any who were serious about taking a year to do something different. This son will greatly benefit from the experience, IMO. His brother said that if he could do it over again, he would have preferred to do the year rather than just the spring semester.

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Our ds took a gap year. He took ACT/SAT, applied to colleges etc. as if he were going to attend the next year. When he received his acceptances and selected a school he wrote and requested a deferral. In his case, he presented a brief proposal stating what he was going to do during the gap year. He had no issues getting the deferral and all of the scholarships he was offered were carried over to the next year as well.


I am sure there will be posts of other examples that differ but this is what worked for him.


How exciting for your ds. Good Luck!

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:iagree: The major (usually unintentional) error is waiting until the child returns from the gap year to begin the college app process.


By then the timing becomes very tight, and (at least here locally) only graduating high school seniors are eligible for freshman scholarships.


Sounds like a great opportunity for your child!

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