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Do you make your kids attend funerals?

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How it works in Mid-Missouri is that visitation (a.k.a. the lay out) is usually the night before and is usually at a funeral home. The day of the actual funeral begins a lot like the visitation, then proceeds with music, eulogies, sermon, the closing of the casket and then the procession to the cemetery.

I think what a "particular culture needs" is a bit of a generalization. As with religion, everyone has different views and needs. So, to say that everyone in America must and/or needs to attend funerals is an awfully strong statement. For people to become upset, offended, etc. by another loved one or person not attending nor wanting to attend a visitation or funeral is a little pompous to me. To force anyone into partaking in a death ritual in any form is simply petty, IMO.


(Totally not directed at you...your post just got me thinking. :001_smile:)



When I say 'particular culture', I am not referring to the whole of the US. I am referring to regional culture, military culture, town culture, religious culture, family culture; the particular pocket of one's world.

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