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Has anyone read The Garden of Evening Mists?

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I saw it was short listed for the Booker award, and it caught my interest.


I read a lot of different types of books, and I do enjoy historical fiction. I was a bit put of by one review that said it had a lot of brutality which distracted from the story. Since I read The Song of Ice and Fire last year, I know I can handle brutality, but still the review made me nervous.


Anyone read it? What did you think? I'm looking for someone to convince me this book is worth buying.;) Our library didn't have it, so it will be a purchase.


It does look good. I've been waffling about what to read next. I have Perdido Street Station sitting on my shelf, and I've also been wanting to read Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (which I would have to buy too). But I saw The Garden of Evening Mist mentioned this morning and it caught my eye.

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I haven't read it (yet), but typically enjoy books from the Man Booker lists. A gal I follow on Goodreads (& whose opinion I highly respect) just read it & rated it 5 stars. If you read it, be sure to post a review; I definitely want to read this book too. Unfortunately, our library does not carry it.


I did try one of the books on this year's Man Booker list -- The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. For me, it bordered between tedious & profound, but overall didn't hold my interest so I gave it up partway through. Still want to try some of this year's other Man Booker choices, but my library only has one or two others....


I see you have Hardboiled Wonderland... on your list. I read that soooooo long ago (& enjoyed it) -- need to read it again someday. Does your library have any of Murakami's books? Have you read other Murakami works? I have 1Q84 sitting here to read....

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I've only read Murakami's 1Q84. I did get it from our library. It was a bit difficult of a read, but in the end I liked it. I couldn't stop thinking about it for weeks. The book stays with you, and the writing was wonderful.


I did start Perdido today. I loved Embassytown but Perdido may be too out there for me.


I think I may end up buying The Garden of Evening Mist. I'm really intrigued.

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