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Suggestions for diagramming sentences?

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hi everyone..

i just started teaching my 8 year old subjects, predicates,and how to diagram

compound subjects and compound predicates. he has no problem picking out the subjects and predicates but he has hard time remembering how to draw the layout for the compound subjects and predicates. he cant remember that they are reversed.

i dont know if im even explaining this right!!! sorry!

should i just predraw the diagram for now and have him write the words?



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for the first 1-2 years of diagrams I drew the diagram for my kids and just let them fill them in. Evenually we went from that to having a list of diagrams to choose from and they copied the diagram and then filled them in...and finally this year with my oldest, she is just doing it all from her mind.

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You could start doing that. I think it's just a practice makes perfect thing. Make sure he does it daily.


We use Rod and Staff, but I type up three of their sentences for the boys to do daily because in some of the lessons, there is no diagramming.


Oh, and my boys prefer diagramming on the white board over paper, so they get sort of ticked when they get to use the whiteboard.

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