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Hi and new to afterschooling!

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I'm so happy to find this group! I've homeschooled my 7th grader off and on since 2nd grade and homeschooled my 1st grader last year. They are both loving school this year and we are blessed to live in a wonderful school district. We redshirted my 5 year old because he has an August birthday and is in no way ready for kinder. Plus, he was extremely adamant that he didn't want to go. I'm not sure what we will do next year but for now plan on HSing kinder.


I'm going to buy some curriculum today and could use some advice! I'm doing LHTH with my 3 yo but need something for my 5 yo and 1st grader. I have MM 1-6 that I think would work well for after school. I plan on buying HWT for handwriting. They are doing really well with OPGTTR but my 1st grader is struggling with spelling. Would AAS work well for afterschooling? Thank you so much for your help. It's nice to find a place to fit in. :) I'm not really a HSer anymore but I also cringe at some of the teaching practices of PS. I'm hoping to have the best of both worlds. :hurray:

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On Math Mammoth, we found the format too busy/intimidating for our ds5. We switched to Singapore Math, and he liked it better. Also, I've been pleasantly surprised by the great resources available on YouTube. Between the Math Mammoth "channel" and the Khan Academy "channel," I have been able to work on a lot of concepts with videos or a whiteboard and markers, avoiding the dreaded worksheets. We are struggling with spelling here too, so let us know if you go with AAS.

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Hi and Welcome!


I have been afterschooling DD6 in 1st grade since 3.5 and now my 4 YO twins as well. OPGTR has worked well for all 3 and I thought AAS paired well for spelling. If you go with AAS, for us it is worth getting the big board they recommend. We tried to make do with a smaller one and it was a pain until we finally bought the big one.



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