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High school to College math sequence?

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Scenario: My dd has taken:


grade 8: Saxon Algebra 1

grade 9: Saxon Algebra 2

grade 10: Saxon Advanced Math (finished 2/3 of book)


This year, grade 11, she is enrolled in College Algebra online through the CC. I am so not impressed with this class -- another post for another time, but let me just say:


Week 1- total work 40 problems.

Week 2- total work 30 problems.

Week 3- total work 16 problems.


No dicussion board, no extra work. This takes her about 2 hours of time for the whole week. So far, 100%.


Do I need to worry that she will be "losing ground" in this class? That is question #1.


Question 2 -- What next? Is the sequence of college math:







She has the opportunity to take free online classes with the university (different school than above) for Pre-Calculus and Calculus 1-2-3. These are online with recorded video lectures.


Any advice at all? She would rather complete a college class than an AP class at this point. Although she is very good at math and it seems easy for her, she does not "like" it and does not think she wants a college program centering around math. I think it's too soon to necessarily rule that out.


But we (she) needs a plan for next semester -- thoughts?

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Trigonometry is usually included in a precalculus class. Precalculus usually follows college algebra.


She may or may not lose ground -- in a college algebra class, the first part of the course is usually review, as students come in with exceptionally varied backgrounds. Did she take a placement test? If she did, I would assume there were topics she did not yet know on the college algebra syllabus, although they may be covered towards the end of the class.

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Thank you. She did take the Accuplacer and had to score 75. Her score was 115. As a junior in high school, she did not have the "option" to place into a higher class, only into college algebra or no class at all (that is at this CC in our state). We have since found out about the university classes.


So is it likely, do you think, that she can go from this CC algebra to the university pre-calculus next semester?


The highest I have done or my other 3 college graduates is College Algebra, so this is new to me, and my searches online have not been helpful in figuring out the progression.

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