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rec. condo rentals in AL, FL?

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Last year we went to Laguna Beach Christian Retreat in Panama City Beach in mid-Sep. The days were still plenty warm to go to the beach but not horribly hot. They have cabins with different sleeping arrangements; our cabin slept 8 but 2 of those were a bunk in the living room. We had only one bath.


Rates are good; ask about a homeschool discount. The Center is right across the street from the beach so it was only about a 5 minute walk from the cabin to the water. They also have a pool and laundry facility.


The one drawback at this place is you have to bring everything with you including towels and sheets. They have a full kitchen; ours included a microwave, toaster, and coffee pot. They have cookware and some dishes and utensils. But that's it. Not even a leftover salt shaker. On the other hand, the place was spotless!


If you decide this might fit your family you can pm me for more details on the set-up and what to bring. We really liked it there and had a good time just relaxing and going to the beach.

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i really love pier park in panama city beach, FL. rosemary beach is phenomenal too. my sister has a beach house there and it is lovely!! it is more pricey there though. i live only 40 miles from panama though, so the convenience is nice:) having said that, it is beautiful! it is worth the drive no matter how far you live. you can stay right at pier park this time of year in a 3 bedroom condo for $895 for a week (maybe you can find a cheaper place, but this is what we pay). in fact, i am leaving saturday to go there! :) i will pm you the contact that we rent from. her condos are gorgeous & overlook the pool and beach.

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My family has never been to the beach and would love to make a trip. Does anyone know the cheapest time to go south, but still warm enough to enjoy the beach and get in the water? Any recommendations on places to stay? If you have some ideas, please pm me.


Thank you




Late September is great. No one is there. (Do check out stingray and jellyfish time though).


early November works too.

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