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Anyone else get a strange phone call from Click N Kids??


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A guy from Click N Kids just called me (right in the middle of cooking dinner). I had to be honest and tell him that we really haven't even been using CnK for quite awhile (it just never was a big hit with dd, and I forgot we were subscribed, but I didn't tell him that). Well, he proceeded to go on and on about how CnK is joining with Warner Bros and Looney Toones and they are offering the opportunity for people, like us, to buy stock...at only $1 something a share. Then he asked if we buy stock. No. He said we are required to be......something....I don't remember (something about people who already invest in stock) and that the minimum is $20,000.....it's for people who are already making about a million a year, he said. :blink: Do I fit in that catagory, he asks. HA! Suuuuuurre....that's just pocket change for us. :001_rolleyes:


Anyway.....I never had anyone call me before asking for a minimum of $20,000.

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They are trying to do a private stock offering. We received the e-mail. Private offerings can't be widely advertised and can only be purchased by investors that meet certain minimum requirements, a.k.a. Accredited Investors. I guess they are contacting users of the program because owning the program creates a sufficient connection to allow marketing it to those individuals. So, strange but probably legitimate (to the extent one would consider a private risky stock offering legitimate:rolleyes:).

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