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We actually had a really great first day!!!


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I can hardly believe it! :lol: We *tried* to start last Tuesday doing only the 3 R's, but on Wednesday I was struck down with a stomach bug, followed by DH, and so absolutely nothing got done after that.


Today we started with our full load, *plus* DS3 started back at his EI pre-school which is half-days in the morning (we have to drive him there and back), AND it was my first time doing two "full time" students, since DS 6 is a 1st grader now (so he has history, and science, etc. now too).


It went surprisingly well! We knocked out Scripture study and math for DD, and math, grammar, and reading for DS6 before having to drive DS3 to pre-school, then while DD finished up her last page of math I did handwriting and science with DS, and then he was done! I followed that with history with DD, then let them play until it was time to pick up DS3 (and did I mention we did all this on a blanket under the tree in our front yard? As school buses rolled by? :tongue_smilie: ) After DS3 was home I did handwriting and grammar with DD, and then she was done for the day too. And so I taught them how to play Crazy 8's, which was one of the games I put in their "Back to School Prize Packs" that they got to open this morning before school (along with scented markers, glitter glue, stamps, and a small coloring book).


We started at 8 and were done by 1 (not including the Crazy 8 time)


I feel like super mom! :D

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