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Biology Labs - every 6 weeks?

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Dd and I are tossing around an idea and I'm curious if anyone else has done their biology year this way...


She's doing a biology co-op every 2 weeks with a small group. These labs are mostly observation labs (microscope work, etc) until the 2nd semester where they'll do some dissections (the co-op is using Apologia).


DD is not using Apologia biology. We plan to do experiments and labs from her curriculum here at home, but getting out equipment and scheduling in "undetermined" lab time into her already jam-packed schedule is becoming a pain to both of us.


We're thinking - what if we scheduled one week out of every 6 to DO labs? She'd have time to do formal lab reports on selected experiments - and do them well. We'd drag out the equipment and take over the table all at one time...


But, I haven't seen anyone else do this, so I'm thinking there is a glaring problem somehow...


We school year-round and already assume that biology will carry into the summer.


Considering that many/most of the experiments are just proving what the textbook states anyway, I'm thinking she isn't missing out on much by not doing the experiment mid-chapter.


So - tell me why this won't work? :lol:

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We've done it all sorts of ways--labs as we went along, a week solid of labs in the middle, and doing the labs all at the end because dc didn't want to do them! All three ways have worked and worked well. I doubt you'd need to do any entire week of labs every six weeks.


See, doing them all at the end of the year is the way I'd prefer to do it - all at the end. I think it'd be a great review.


That just seemed crazy, though. Maybe not??


She loves the labs, but we always seem short on time and rush through them exactly as-is and she'd like to spend more time, using what she's learned to ask her own questions... but we never have time for that either.

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