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Has anyone tried EZMeals, Six O'Scramble, or other meal planning sites?

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I have been doing The Six O'Clock Scramble for about two years now and my subscription is almost up for renewal. I have really enjoyed it, and the food is great, but ironically (because they claim to save you money), I don't know if I can afford it any more.


I don't mean the subscription itself, but the actual food! Ingredients like basmati rice, sugar snap peas, brie cheese, fish once a week ... who can afford that?? Sometimes we take a week off The Scramble and make things like hot dogs and beans, or pancakes and eggs for dinner, just because we don't have the money to make those meals!


Anyway, I heard Dave Ramsey recommends EZMeals, and I was wondering if it was cheaper. Are the meals any good?


Mostly I was curious if people had tried different meal planning sites, and how they compare, and which ones seem to be the most popular.

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I don't remember which ones I've bought but I've tried several. I agree with you that I don't save money. I do better meal planning myself on the weekend with simple stuff. Instead of chicken w/a sauce w/ brie and some obscure spices I didn't have on hand that I will rarely use in the future, I can make broiled chicken seasoned with normal spices that I know my family likes. It's quicker too and requires less thought. I think it has a lot of sauces that are unnecessary and it was especially unnecessary because I had picky kids who refused sauces and wet foods at the time. For the veggies, what's wrong with just steaming them? I found it was expensive because the ingredients and meals were more complex than we need. We enjoyed the meals, but for most days it was too much. We also had a lot of food go bad because we wouldn't use all of whatever we had bought. I wish the meal planning places did better about planning to use things like chicken broth, sour cream, tomato paste, salsa, etc. several times within 2 weeks so I wouldn't waste half of it.

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This. I am on week 3 and we love it. Only 2 meals were leas than stellar, and that was my fault. The rest were wonderful. I actually look forward to shopping cuz it is so easy. I will be posting pics and review on my blog this week.


Looking forward to it. I got last weeks email but I already had my meals planned. Would you say the meals are made for about 4 servings?

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I've been using Plan to Eat for over a year. I use my own recipes, so it's just to help me plan and not forget ingredients when I go shopping. Kind of important right now that I am sharing my car (DS drives to school 4 days a week this semester.).


With a planner like PTE, the longer you use it, the better it gets. I went through a bit of a planning slump this summer, but am back at it now and starting to reap the benefits both in time and money savings.

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