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s/o Wheat Belly - Cooking with Einkorn or Emmer?

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It still has wheat and it still has gluten. If you are just trying to eat healthier, it might be a good option but if you are truly sensitive to gluten or wheat then you cannot eat it.

:iagree: And I don't buy the blogger's lines about how "not all gluten is created equal." Technically, it's true that there are differences, but there's no evidence that the types of gluten in older forms of wheat are better tolerated. Personally, I react even more severely and immediately to spelt than to wheat.


Celiac disease has been described in medical books since ancient times, but nobody had any idea what caused it until the 1940's. It's taken a few more generations for doctors to become aware of the many different ways that gluten intolerance can present. I suspect that this increased awareness -- combined with most people's overall crummy diets and lifestyle, which can increase the risk of autoimmune conditions -- would account for the fact that there seems to be an epidemic of... what to call it?... "gluten intolerance spectrum conditions" at the present time.

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I thought that einkorn was another name for spelt? I've baked with spelt, used spelt berries and have used spelt products (pasta etc.)

It's sometimes lumped in with spelt, but they are different. Einkorn is apparently much older (specimens have been dated back to early Neolithic times).


Alternative Wheat Cereals as Food Grains: Einkorn, Emmer, Spelt, Kamut, and Triticale

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We don't have any health issues - no celiac or diabetes here, thankfully.

Just interested in the older forms of wheat as having a more moderate effect on the body in term of brain chemistry and some other things addressed in the book Wheat Belly.


Just wondering about the practical details. Anyone tried the Jovial brand products?

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I use Emmer. It is a wheat but nothing like modern wheat. It had a lovely taste. Almost nutty. I buy a years worth of organically grown grain and grind it as I need it. Un-processed wheat can't be stored as flour, it goes bad fast unless it's in the freezer. Don't expect sandwich type bread from it though. The gluten is too little and too different to make a loaf of bread like that. I mix it half and half with Red Fife in order to get loaves I can use for lunches. Great wraps though and great in cookies and muffins.


I forgot to mention that my BIL loves using it for pasta.

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