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Number Recognition Help


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Dd is a young 5 and we're doing kindy this year. She understands the concept of numbers and counting. The problem is she seems to have quite the block on recognizing the written numbers. She just can't seem to "get" 6, 8, and 9. She also doesn't recognize the numbers beyond 12 but right now I'm more concerned with 1-9.


We've been playing games like Zingo (it's like bingo but with numbers and you have to shout out the name of the number to be able to get it and put it on your bingo board). We've done worksheets writing the numbers and saying them. She loves color by number and dot to dot but none of it is sticking.


Any other ideas on how to make it stick? I think today we're going to write our numbers in rice or beans or something to make it more kinesthetic and see if that works.

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I don't know, but I would think she would get it eventually, just by giving it time and continuing low-pressure exposure. I'd just do lots with her orally for now, using manipulatives. It is amazing what mathematical concepts can be learned and understood by children, even if they don't connect a written numeral "3" with the quantity three. You can do addition with a group of three items and a group of five items, and show her that when put together, they make a group of eight items. Show her that a group of eight items can be split in to a group of one and a group of seven. Or two and six, or three and five, etc. You an even show her multiplication and division (your group of eight can be split into four equal groups of two... or two equal groups of four...).


"Getting" the abstraction of written numerals is secondary at that age, IMO. Far more important is simply reinforcing mathematical concepts, and doing so with manipulatives and orally is a great way to do it.


Are you using a math program? You might look into Singapore, Miquon, or Right Start. You can even do just the manipulatives lessons for now, and then loop back through and do the lessons that use the abstract numerals later, once she is understanding that idea more.

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We're using MUS Primer but we've worked through to the point where she know really needs to be able to see the number 9 for example and be able to say it's the number 9.


We're just taking it slow and working on it slow and steady. I just wondered if anyone had any activities that made it stick. I'm happy she understands the concept of the number 9 for example even though she can't look at the numeral and say it's a 9.


I think 6, 8, and 9 look too similar to her because whenever she sees either of those 3 she just guesses either 6, 8, or 9 whereas she knows a 5 when she sees it or a 7, etc.

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