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Early morning distraction & impromptu lesson

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So we moved the horses to the pasture that you can see from the house. This morning the kids were busy doing their math when ds looked out the window and says, "Mom, why is Ringo sitting on Destiny?" :ohmy:


DD 13 giggled, "Is that what mating looks like?" :svengo:


Uff Da, that's way too much before 8 a.m. for this mom.


Evidently our mare (Destiny) is in heat. I didn't know that geldings would do that. Should have known because we have dogs & cats that are neutered.


Recess was declared and now the horses are in separate pastures. My more artistic children are illustrating their work with "Nature drawings."


How long will she stay in heat?

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:lol: We had a similar experience one spring when we visited the zoo. We started out commenting that we had never seen the animals so active. Then we realized, hey, they aren't just playing. :lol::tongue_smilie: The funniest part was listening in as parents walked up and said, "Oh look, they're playing... oh no, wait, let's go see the next animal."

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