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What math curriculum or supplement would you suggest for this kid?


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Currently my 9.5 yr old is doing MUS. We stopped last year because it was really causing him stress and he said it bored him to tears. We just started school last week and I started him back in Beta. Mind you he does have mild dyslexia-dysgraphia and doesn't like to see lots of problems on a page. He said it was boring but was able to do the work today and got every problem correct.


I had my whiteboard out and he asked if he could do something on it. Well low and behind he began to make shapes, graphs, circles, etc and started talking about radius and how to get the radius. He began to make bar graphs and showing how he thought his savings account was going to grow each year etc. Are there any math curriculums that would present different math problems like this? Maybe I could still keep MUS and just add to it?


Math is not my strong area. I would definitely need a program that would help me teach him.


Any suggestions?

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