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Decision At 1pm (job)

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Oh I am so sorry. Ugh. I feel sick for you guys. Sounds like something my DH would do.

It's honestly making me angry.


He walked into this culture. Previous supervisor was fine w/it, joined in. Never given any instruction, HR manual, nada that would tell him it wasn't ok. This crew, except for Lil Miss No Gonch had been together for several summers.


Why is it ok for the WOMEN to initiate this kind of banter, and yet turn around and complain when a guy comments? It's not like they were off somewhere private, and he popped up from behind a hedge. This was at the LUNCHTABLE, where everyone was.


I also find it interesting that they complained about Wolf, who commented x2...yet the other guys, who were commenting and involved w/EVERY convo, well, no issue there.

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Wow. That sounds like dh's work. That kind of stuff happens all the time. Dh has had lots of old women come onto him, but it just takes one disgruntled person to turn things around. Unfortunately some women use sexual harassment as a weapon as they please, while also trying to use their sexuality to get ahead. IMO you cannot have it both ways.

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I'll be thinking of you today.



I worked in an office in the early 90s, there was some mild risque talk and a few "flirts". They were basically harmless and everyone knew, but then we had some diversity training. It also involved sexual harassment training. It shut all the conversation down.


If this is happening, then there should be training to establish protocol. The company is putting themselves at risk by not having established protocol and training for all employees.


Hopefully this is nothing more than the company's version of CYA. :grouphug:


Yeah. Sounds like ridiculous overkill to me.

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