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Question for LOE users


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I have been using LOE with my 9yo dd for a few weeks. My question is, how long does it take for you to complete a lesson? Do you break the lesson up throughout the week? If so, what does your schedule look like? My dd struggles tremendously with spelling, reading, and writing. I was hoping to go through the curriculum quickly, but that is just not going to be possible.


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I'm doing this with my 8 year old who is an advanced reader, grasps language arts concepts well, but who is absolutely not a natural speller. She loves rules, and we did AAS 1-2 previously without much progress or retention. That's just our background so you know where we're coming from.


We spend about 1 week per lesson. I roughly start each Monday reviewing the new phonograms and all the previous ones and I roughly end each Friday doing oral "test" of all the spelling words--from that week and from the previous weeks.


On Monday we do all the phonogram related things--workbook, oral, games. Tuesday we do the spelling words and start working on all the related activities. So, pretty much Tuesday-Thursday we spend working through the workbook, games, etc. We do just about all the workbook assignments. Sometimes we just do them orally if I don't think she really needs the practice. Or, I assign some for independent work. We also use the spelling journal. I give her words to add to it and she copies them in as independent work. On Friday we do anything leftover, or play games, and do our oral tests.


I am very much a "do-the-next-thing" type person. So, what we do each day or for each lesson varies tremendously. I also tend to use the TM as more of a guided structure than as a script. This is just the pattern that we've eased into, with modifications. For example, today she and DH are at the zoo and this is supposed to be our week 10 review week so we'll modify our schedule a bit this week.


Hope that gives you some insight!

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