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Prayers for my db

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Please pray for my db. His wife walked out on him a few months ago and called yesterday telling him she wants to come back. She is currently homeless and involved in drugs. Please pray that he can stay strong and make the right decisions.


Please don't quote, I will probably delete this later.

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Hope he tells her to go to rehab, THEN he'll consider it, depending on her progress. It would be a long time before I'd let dh back if that happened. I've seen what happens when you do not do an exit plan from rehab (a "contract" is the approach many use), so hopefully she'll go thru every step needed for sobriety.


Poor guy--will pray.

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I tried to warn him to steer clear of her before they got engaged. I think she was clean at the time, but she was still a train wreck. He has told her they had to be in counseling together before he would consider it and she wants nothing to do with that. I really think he has wanted to save her from the get go and he can't do it.

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