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The Kin--anyone use this in Middle or High School?

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It's an easy read but I like to tie in History with English when I can. We're doing Prehistoric World History/Earth Science/and I am going to use this book in class.


Has anyone used it? It seems popular but I was looking for a study guide or questions for comprehension or some other educational materials.



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Both my kids read it in middle school as, like you, I always tried to tie in literature with history. The Kin is actually 3 or 4 books that were originally a series brought together in a single binding (if memory serves). I only assigned the first book within the book, and while my boys enjoyed it well enough, neither was compelled to finish the overall big book.


As for a reading guide or comprehension questions -- I would occasionally do a google search for lesson plans on a topic or book, but didn't with this one. Most often, though, we would simply discuss books, talking about characters and plot and what things we liked and didn't. The Well Trained Mind and especially The Well Educated Mind have lists of questions to get you started. The point of discussion is not for checking comprehension but to get students engaged in what they are reading, to have them think for themselves, form opinions, articulate them and support them.


Sorry for digressing there -- you were asking about the book, not about how to teach literature!!

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Thanks Jenn.

I appreciate your reply. I think we will try to cover the whole thing as my son is in 9th and a quick reader.


My undergrad degree is in English and this is year 3 of us homeschooling. I do try to get my son to think and engage himself in the stories. Because he has Asperger Syndrome (a type of autism) he often has trouble identifying why and how a character does something so what you suggested is great for him.


Jenny--it's a book set in Prehistoric Times by Peter Dickinson.

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Because he has Asperger Syndrome (a type of autism) he often has trouble identifying why and how a character does something ...


I understand!!! My oldest has Aspergers and literary discussions were always, well, entertaining. He was very literal in his comprehension so that metaphors, any symbolism really, were lost on him, though as he got older he could spot them but found them so obvious as to be a stupid, pointless and distracting addition to any story. He liked The Kin as I remember, which was a good thing as he was never a huge reader and I always struggled to find titles that would click with him.


You have some fun times ahead during high school!!

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