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If you have not started your school year


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We school year-round, but we're actually getting ready to stop here for awhile (and take a break). We're in Texas, so there are no requirements for us - as far as how many hours out of the year we have to school, what months of the year constitute a school-year, etc. Also, there is no testing, no portfolio requirement, no standardized testing, etc. We don't report to the school district or anything like that.


The weather is so hot here in the summer, that we basically do nothing but schoolwork during the summer months. My kids don't want to leave the house when it's 112 degrees outside every day. When it cools off (I hope it's cooling off soon), we start doing a lot of outdoor stuff and slow down/stop with our school schedule. While the ps kids are in school, we go hiking, go to the beach, play at the park, etc.

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We do not have official rules to follow. The boys will begin an on-line program this year (the older 2 boys) and it allows six calendar months from date of enrollment until the final exam must be completed, with the option of buying one 30 day extension if needed.


Prior to where we live now, we were in TX and had no rules then, either. We've always been more year-round schoolers and are just now switching back to a September to December semester, Christmas break, then January to May semester. Or something close to that.

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