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our new foster puppies!!! cute alert

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Oh my gosh!! So cute!! Don't forget to hide your shoes :)


tee hee. our shoes are hidden since the older foster we have eats them. She is going to her fuuurever home tomorrow.


Could they be any cuter?!? I love puppy love!:)


I know!!!


i won't get attached. i won't get attached.. rinse and repeat.


robin in nj

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Ohhhhh, they are sweet!! :) Such a wonderful thing you're able to do... I couldn't ever do it, I'd sob like a baby each time one left...


WE are looking for a forever dog. but I have specific requirements. I want a teeny little thing I can carry around.




How cute!!! I'd love to foster, but my DH knows we'd end up keeping them all so he's pretty much put his foot down. :lol:


We said goodbye to an older (3 month old) foster puppy today and this morning my hubby asked me, ' are you sure you want to say goodbye??"

That one is going to be 80 lbs. no thank you!!



Shriek!! They're adorable! They have a sad look in their eyes -- poor little orphans!


just keep saying "do NOT get attached" do NOT get attached." sigh.





Too adorable for words! How will you ever be able to get rid of ANY of them??!


Four puppies under one roof. :svengo:


see above. I am NOT getting attached. really. truly.:glare: besides which one would I keep?? If I kept one I would have to keep them all. just to keep them together.


robin in NJ

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