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I need some dental work advise, please :)

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So this Wednesday I'll be going in for almost the last stage of finishing up a 22 year dental nightmare. :) I HATE anything with going to the dentist. I'm nervous and dreading it but not to an extent of panic attacks or anything like that. I just fear it so much.


Anyway, my question is about using any kind of relaxant or whatever. 3 years ago I had a tooth cut out, a permanent retainer removed, and a deep cleaning. They recommended an IV to cause a twilight type sedation. They said I'd be awake but not remember it. Well, I don't remember it but, apparently, I really fought against them doing the procedure (how embarrassing) and ended up having an enormous cut along the base of my tongue. Horrible recovery but proof that this sedation is not a good idea for me. Also, I didn't realize it would make me throw up for about 12 hours after like anesthesia does. Lovely.


Wednesday they are going to prepare my two front teeth for porcelain veneers to replace the wretched, ugly cap I have there from when I turned 18. They've offered a prescription I can pick up before the procedure that will most likely just make me go to sleep (not anesthesia) but it might not. Most people sleep, she said. No IV, just a blood ox doo-dad on my finger.


Ok, huge rambling post to say, "Is this going to be a big deal? Should I take something because it's going to be rough or should I be able to deal with it?". Again, I'm not freaked out but I do hate it and dread it. I'm thinking I'd rather know I can handle it than fear nausea or a bad reaction.


Anybody had any veneers (or whatever they are called :) )? How was the prep appointment? I'll leave with the temporaries.


Thank you!

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First of all, :grouphug::grouphug::grouphug:!!!


OK - now you're ready to face the music. I've been in dentistry for over 20 years (dental hygienist). I work with MANY nervous patients. Let's face it - dental work IS NOT fun! Even when you feel nothing, who likes lying there with their mouth open for an extended period of time? Not I, said the fly! Lol!


Veneers are a simple appointment as far as preparing the tooth goes. You need to only remove a tiny amount of enamel so it goes much faster than say a crown prep. Seeing how your treatment is on your front teeth, I think you're going to be surprised how easy your appointment will be. Front teeth are easier to access, keep dry, work on, etc. For nervousness, try the following:


1. Communicate up front your concerns/worries. Give the assistant and doctor the hand signal that makes you most comfortable for calling a momentary time-out break at any time (I ask my patients to calmly raise their hand at ANY TIME should they need/want a break for any reason). Having a "voice" keeps you in control and that adds up to less anxiety.


2. Take your "pill" as instructed. It WILL take the edge off and help.


3. Bring an iPod with some of your favorite, soothing music. Keep your earbuds in (or only wear one if you like having a feel for what's going on with your treatment) throughout the entire appointment. It's amazing how music can help get your mind off of your worries.


4. Think about how lovely your new veneers will look and the years of confidence they'll give to you and that gorgeous smile!!!



You are going to be fine. Keep telling yourself that and stay aware of the minutes that go by while being treated. They will add up fast and before you know it, YOU'LL BE DONE!!!! :D:D:D:D:D


Best of luck and congratulations on the new smile you're about to have!!!



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i have pills for dental work. I am not a good dental patient. i take one the night before and 1 an hour before. someone must drive me.


it sooooo takes the edge off. apparently, the last time, i made my mom stop and i bought the kids water ice on the way home. don't remember a thing.


robin in nj


ps - it's not the pain. don't know what it is about dental work. I had an 11 lb baby with no drugs!

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I was putting off getting a crown for years (due to cracking)... because I imagined that the crown prep was a huge deal, that my poor tooth would be reduced to a little peg. I don't know why I thought that. I just could not face that.

When the dentist finally explained that she would only take off 1 mm on each surface, and the idea is to preserve as much of the tooth as possible, I felt SO relieved. With that calming idea, I was able to do it with just Novocaine. (For some reason that tooth always needs 2 shots, so I just told her that in advance).

Hope you will feel the same calm once you get some good information, and glad for you that it will soon be all done!

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