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oh no (but woohoo!), suggestions??


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Well I decided to pull out our rushhour game today to give to my 5yo Ker and she is just zooming through it at an alarming rate. Half an hour later and she has finished all the beginner and intermediate puzzles and is now on to advanced and showing no signs of slowing down yet, eek! She is in love and doing amazingly at this game but she will be finished every level by the end of today at this rate, what next? I have hopper I can give her but if she responds to that the same as rushhour then it will be a good distraction for maybe 1-2 days.

Are there any other thinking/logic games that would be suitable for a 5yo but harder than rushhour? Preferably I would like 1 player games as I have a baby and a 3yo to entertain as well but board game suggestions for 2 players are always welcome too.

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