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Which first: Earth Science or Astronomy?


Which to do first: Earth science or Astronomy?  

  1. 1. Which to do first: Earth science or Astronomy?

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I don't think it really matters, as there will be advantages and disadvantages to whichever you choose. It gets darker earlier in the winter and the atmosphere is usually steadier for better viewing, but it can get really cold. The summer is warmer at night, but you have to stay up later, there are bugs to contend with and the heat can mess with your views. You are better off going with whatever season is "dryer" so there will be less clouds. We get lots of rain in the spring, and the winters tend to be cloudy as well, so summer and fall tends to be better here. If you are doing naked eye viewing, then the steadiness of the atmosphere won't affect you.


It makes more sense to me to start with astronomy and move to earth science, because I like the overall picture before focusing on the details ;) Others prefer to start small and work their way big!

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I haven't put a great deal of time into researching it, but I think there are more noticeable meteor showers in the Fall/Winter time frame. The weather is generally more cooperative too.


Having said that though, we'll probably do them somewhat simultaneously since my 1st grader is facinated with volcanoes and earthquakes and we have weather all year round. :)

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