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Last years school papers?

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I'm in a no report state so maybe my answer isn't helpful. I keep papers, a few art projects, things that I will want as mementos. I toss everything else. Though I do keep some of the used workbooks so I have them as examples to look through for when the next kid hits that level. I can look through the used SM workbook to see if it's at the level the next kid is at and if I should order it. Or whatever.

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I'm the wrong person to ask--I keep everything. I have every paper done for 25 years... :D


Oh, just get rid of it already.....seriously, it is like losing 100lbs. And yes, I have done both:D


Keep the special stuff....trash everything else...even the tests. No one will ever ask for them...and the kids are really not interested. I narrowed everything from the past 20 years into one file crate....and a few notebooks which were just too beautiful to toss. My artist dd's books are so amazing I gave them back to her to possibly publish:D


I finally culled all my books too.....I can finally breathe!


Record wise, I kept our quarterlies, year end reports and yearly testing results. 20 years boiled down to one hanging file.:D

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My state requires a portfolio, so I keep that and pitch everything else. If we ever move to a state that requires no reporting, I'll keep stuff that seems portfolio worthy.


Look at it from the perspective of your kids down the road. My mother kept every. single. paper. It was all in a trunk full of memorabilia. I went through it after she died. What a burden! At first it was fun to see some of our work but after a while of sifting through piles and piles of mundane math pages I was done. I quickly separated out my sibling's stuff and mailed it to them to sort through. Turns out they weren't interested. I threw all mine away. Maybe there were a few gems in there, but there was too much dross (to mix my metaphors) to find them.


Now when I think about keeping something (anything, not just schoolwork), I think of my kids going through my stuff when I am gone. Is it likely to be a burden or a delight to them?

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