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Help: Essentials in Writing Disk Stuck In My Brand New iMac

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My dh reluctantly bought an iMac and has left up to me (the technologically challenged to figure it out). So, on day 2, I tried to insert the disk. It went in slowly (I've used it on something else and it worked fine). Now it acts like it doesn't have a disk. The eject key is not working. The error message says: support disk not available.


Any ideas how I can get this out w/o dragging this into the Apple Store. The online help question/answer was no help.



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This may not apply to your computer, so please don't try this without confirming elsewhere! But an older mac of ours with a slot-type CD drive had way to remove a stuck disk. There was a particular place where you could insert the end of an unbent paperclip that would make the disk pop out. If you go to the Mac Help forum, you might be able to get some more specific advice: http://www.mac-help.com/


HTH! :001_smile:

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