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Sonlight and Winter Promise


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I like SL more...but that is my view...Here is my view...



I love the schedule: very easy to follow


discussion questions: they are a great part. I dont know if wp has them...but that is the part that I think my kids are really learning a ton from this year.


Books...My kids didnt like the WP books. Some are the same..but for whatever reason...my kids didnt like the types of books WP uses...Our books with SL really grab my kids attention...and they are really retaining the information. My kids are really donig great with the info.


Cost...I think the cost is close...but SL has a high resale...so that helps.




I used animals and thier worlds....


The schedule is very easy to follow. The pages are clean and easy to follow.


My kids didnt like the crafts...and ended up dropping them...


I dont remember seeing any discussion questions...only reading.


The books...my kids didnt like them...they had either too much information...or boring information...may just be that program...some of the other programs look awesome. I think the sea and sky looks great...as1 and 2 both look great.


I ended up going with sl for my own reasons and I am happy with it...I was worried about using WP books on high school level. I didnt hear a lot of comments that the books had been enough for high school. In the long run...I think SL was less money...and I liked the LA better...and we are really learning a ton. I love the program this year.


I think both are great...so I cant wait to hear what others say.

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We're Sonlight people. My kids don't enjoy hands-on projects unless they're free to decide the topic and media. They love to read and be read to. And we're very happy with IEW, so I don't need notebooking resources. For me, Winter Promise would have been too much of the things we aren't into and don't need.


Your mileage my vary (I've been told that MOST kids like hands-on work tied into their school topics, but mine don't!)...

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It's going to depend on a lot of factors- the kids and their learning styles, which WP program was used, which SL core was used, etc.


I think SL and WP are comparable as far as ease- they both come with a schedule and all the books. WP may require a little more prep as far as crafts, but they do include a list in the front of the IG so you can gather them ahead of time.


I'm not sure which my kids have enjoyed more- at first they were into the WP crafts and topic (Animal Worlds), and we're all animal lovers here but my kids are kind of getting bored, we are only almost done with one unit so far though so we need to give it more time. It's entirely personal preference- none of us like the One Small Square books, I tried to happily read them and not influence the kids but their eyes were glazing over anyway. Too much info on a page, presented in a boring way. Once again, just opinion. Anyway, I asked my dd the other day why she wasn't excited about AW anymore and she said she didn't know, she wants to study animals but the books are boring. I think I'm going to do some major tweaking.


On the other hand, she loved the books from SL Core K. But she is a big fiction girl, so you might want to consider that- SL is more heavily fiction and historical fiction, and WP has a lot more non-fiction, DK style books.


There are a few more WP programs I'd like to try because they're unique (CAtW, Sea & Sky) but overall, we probably will use more of SL.


My oldest has always done only SL and retains SO much about history!


Just remember, it doesn't have to be all or nothing, so don't put yourself under undue pressure. I keep our overall goals in mind and just pick and choose what will work best for that year, I don't have a problem using WP one year and SL the next, or some of both.

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My son did 3+4 as a 7th grader and I added in some books(not a ton, just related ones I thought of or that we found at the library), it was great. Core 3 itself might be a bit light, but you could add some to it. Core 100 I think is too much for a 7th grader personally, and you might want to look at the maturity of the topics and consider if she's ready for that. (Rape, cannabalism, etc.)

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I have used SL Core's C, B, 1 & 2 and WP AW, AS1, CAtW and currently using JOI.


WP doesn't have discussion questions but does have narration questions. They are pieces of paper that you cut and after reading you pick one from a jar and discuss what the question was.


I have to say I like both but SL has a lot of books and can feel overwhelming at times. You can easily stretch a core out over a year. WP gave me room to add in some books that I picked and wanted to read.


WP has more pictures in their books. SL IMHO teaches more towards the older child. I would love for SL to have a core but give you the opportunity to by a pack of books with more pictures to keep the younger ones interested.


WP gives you movie suggestions, websites and a few book suggestions also.


As for AW when we used it and there was too much info on the page we just talked about the animal and I would tell them about it.


I really like both programs. We might do SL Core-5 this year and WP S&S next year.

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Agreeing with Linda.


My oldest did fine with SL, but the rest of my kids are very kinesthetic/visual and my 2nd dd in particular is very sensitive. I totally lost her with the RA's after Mountain Born, she refused to listen to any more. WP was a much better fit for us, and I just added in SL books for my oldest.


In general I think SL would work better with auditory and visual learners who are word visual. WP would work better with Kinesthetic learners and picture visual learners.



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