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Natural supplements for anxiety


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I am needing some suggestions for some natural supplements that may help with ds and his anxiety issues.


He had two sessions with a therapist but the first was just a get to know each other session. Then my husband got sick and we are still dealing with that. His medical bills have been a bit high even with insurance. DS's insurance doesn't cover his therapist (the few that it covered around here were not good) and I just can't afford to get him there right now. I am going to discuss medication with her when we go back again, but I know she will need to see him a couple more times before she is ready to prescribe anything and I'm not sure when I will be able to get him back.


I do have a couple of books I am going to read through, one even suggested by the therapist in the beginning. However, I was really hoping that there was something natural that I could get from our health food store that would help to. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Inositol. It's safe and shouldn't interfere should she want to try another med (SSRI's for example would be an issue if you were taking something like 5-HTP that also affects serotonin levels). I'm not sure what to suggest dosing wise for pediatrics (might depend on the anxiety disorder). I've seen 2-10 grams but 10 would, I think, be very high in a child. It would be in three divided doses and started low and increased slowly to minimize GI effects. Oh, you use powdered form mixed in drink--it doesn't taste bad. NOW foods has powdered inositol if you decide to try that. Caution with a kid with ADHD as well though. It can increase that issue. MY ADHD kid isn't able to do inositol but if he could I would use it.


N-acetyl cysteine might help with certain kinds of anxiety (like OCD). I've started it with my 8 year old with OCD. I can give you pediatric dosing information if you're dealing with that type of anxiety.

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