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protein for breakfast?

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I am tired of eggs for breakfast and I want the flexibility of egg salad for lunch. Sausage is too salty for my taste, bacon too expensive. I've got to have protein along with my carb/starch for breakfast or I just don't keep going until lunch. What are some good alternatives that won't break the budget?

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Hot cereal with peanut butter; cold cereal with nuts (i like sunflower seeds and pecans); make your own sausage and lower the salt, and freeze it in daily servings so its easy. I use this recipe, adding 1 tb of maple syrup and 1 tsp of oil. i think its pretty spicy, but i put it in grits or on toast or something. or a biscuit - just sausage biscuit. pretty tasty.


oh, and cheesy grits!

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Yogurt or cottage cheese are good choices. Things like sausage and bacon are terribly high fat and high salt, and really not good protein sources, so I definitely wouldn't do those if you don't love them! (I love them, lol, but I don't try to con myself into believing they are good for me!)


I like to mix non-fat plain yogurt 50/50 with low fat vanilla. (No artificial sweeteners!!) It makes a nice relatively high protein item for breakfast.


Other options are to simply eat "normal" lunch or dinner dishes for breakfast. "Salad for breakfast" is shockingly tasty. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it! Yumm! I've made salads with nuts, spinach, quinoa, chickpeas, etc for a great all around breakfast.

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Peanut butter on whole-wheat toast or bagel.


Cottage cheese is wonderful.


But my favorite is yogurt with muesli. I mix it up about half an hour before I eat it so the muesli gets softened up. I like to throw extra nuts in there too.


I find full-fat or low-fat yogurt much more filling and long-lasting than nonfat.

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