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Combining Meet the Masters with Picturing Writing: Monet


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Beth Olshansky has a book on Amazon called The Power of Pictures: Creating Pathways to Literacy Through Art (it's cheap -- about $20 -- and comes with a short video that models the process) that gives a pretty clear overview of Picturing Writing and she also talks about Image-Making Within the Writing Process. I talk about Image-Making in a bit more detail here (skip down to the 3rd paragraph). I did order her Image-Making Within the Writing Process book from her website (that cost me $90 with shipping -- I'll be doing a review when I'm done to let people interested know whether or not I think it's worth it) and I'm about a quarter of the way through that. The Creating Pathways book didn't give me enough of a feel for how to do that process. It's enough to get you started on Picturing Writing though -- especially if you don't mind adapting and tweaking things. I am going to a workshop she's doing on Picturing Writing in November and February so I'll be blogging about that and hopefully it will give me whatever extra insight I need that I didn't get from the book. I'll be writing and posting about this process all year. The results I've been seeing from my kids since we started are very, very encouraging :001_smile:

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