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CC - CD or Memory Flashcards or History Timeline Cards?


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Hi, I've started using bits of Classical Conversations in my curriculum this year and I really love it so far. However, I'd like to purchase some memory help and have a hard time figuring out what additional purchases would be most helpful.


Background: Foundations, Cycle 1 with ds1 (12yo late bloomer) and ds2 (advanced 8yo). No CC group - too isolated and no same-age homeschoolers + inconsistent internet.


Cycle 1 - I am using Cycle 1 with one variation - we are using Earth Science and Astronomy from Elemental Science which we really like so far. So, can I still use the CD if we are using parts of Cycle 2 Science? Because of this variation, I thought the flashcards or memory cards would be better, but from various thread posts the CD seems to be a big hit. How hard would it be to do the memorization for Biology though we are reading and experimenting with Earth Science and Astronomy?


Lastly, Memory Flashcards or History Fact Cards?

Thank you in advance!

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Guest TheNorthWind


Still quite new here but this is our third year in CC.


The CD aids in the memorization of all of the memory work. But it is most helpful for memorizing the history sentences, in my opinion. My kids love the songs! The lady has such a pleasant voice. I love singing along, too! We love the timeline song, as well. You can watch some clips from it on youtube.


The science on the CD is just spoken, and you don't have to listen to those tracks if you don't want to. If I were you I wouldn't memorize the science from CC. I would just work on the curriculum that you know you like.


You can make your own memory flashcards. I would definitely buy the timeline cards- the classical acts and facts cards. I have mine in four mini binders from keepfiling.com. (You can also buy binders and sheet protectors from Staples.)

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If you got the CD, which would be useful because of the songs for history sentences, timeline, prepositions, Latin chants of declensions, math skip counting, presidents and a few other things, you would basically just have to ignore all the Science. The CDs (it is a set of 3) would still be useful.


I love the flashcards because they work well for a memory box system.


I would say, go for the CD as opposed to the timeline cards as the song will make the timeline super easy to memorize. My kids beg to hear it in the car all the time. CC has done a great job of the song for timeline.


So, my opinion is to go with the CDs and the flashcards. You won't have flashcards for the science unless you get a second set of Cycle 2, but you could always make your own since it would just be twelve things to write out. Some people photocopy the pages in the Guide and cut them up to make their own flashcards, but I like having the answer separate from the question so my DD can quiz herself. That's worth the money to me.

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Awesome, thanks! I will buy the new CD. As far as the Science is concerned, I'll wait and see how I like it once it arrives. As much as we love our Elemental Science, I figure we will get back to it once it matches up in the CC foundation. Besides I have all the materials for the Science we'll be covering and it won't hurt to repeat some subjects if it makes the whole 3-year cycle easier.


I think I'll go ahead and buy the new Timeline cards, too, and probably just make my own Memory Cards if I think I need them. I noticed that I can download the PDF version and print it myself and since I happen to more ink than money, that's probably what I'll do.


Thanks again!

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