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A Must Share: Really funny radio show for adults

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If as another thread said you feel like you're in a rut and need something new. . .this will sound silly, but I LOVE it!


I download a radio show -- two guys in Sacramento that are hysterical. They discuss current events from having a date night with a wife when two babies are at home to current events like Iraq. (People listen from all over the U.S. and even other countries. People call in from France and Australia.)


Note: they're conservative. They're two married guys w/ kids who are 48 yrs. old and so, so funny.


I highly recommend listening at least twice so you get the vibe.


Their names are Armstrong & Getty and you find them here: http://www.newstalk910.com/cc-common...odcast=ang2011 (to see all of the hours that are available just pull the cursor down and they'll appear.)


Anyway, I download their podcasts onto my ipod and walk the dog and listen. Drivers must think I'm strange, because I appear to be cracking up at nothing.


Honestly, when they go on vacation I feel like my friends are gone.


Jack is thinking about homeschooling his now almost three year old and almost one year old because he's so horrified by the school system. I'm crossing my fingers. Somebody should send him the TWTM.



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