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Need eclectic english & literature for 9th grade...

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i still havent nailed down what to do for english around here for 9th. writing & vocabulary we have covered, but the rest of her language arts im still confused on. i live in PA where we have requirements and its a bit stricter than most states. last year she finished up hake grammar & writing and winston basic. so far for this year i have the paragraph book sries & writing skills series, daily grams jr/sr , vocabulary using spelling city 9th grade words and of course reading books including literatures.... but is that "enough" for a credit? shes going to write a paper on a few of the literature books, so i shouldnt need more than that? mechanics and grammar should have been previously covered, right? why does this seem so "lean" to me? again, its an eclectic approach im going for. thanks! :grouphug:

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Language Arts credits always confuse me too. I try to look at curriculum programs geared toward private schools (like BJU) and see what they are covering. Then I start planning. A few years ago, I attended a high school planning seminar. I remember the speaker saying something about 4 "major" literary works equal 1 credit. We have chose to use AOP's American lit and Brit lit programs. I like it that they are chronological and designed to be 1 semester each. We have selected whole books from each course to stretch each program out to a full year each. It has given me the timeline and spine we need to get a good overview, but also the flexibility to add whole books.


Do you feel you have grammar nailed down with the daily grams? If not, you might consider something like Editor in Chief.



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