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Look what was on our doorstep last night

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I sent my teens to take the puppy outside for 1 last potty break before bed and they found this little guy next to our doorstep. Nothing like scrambling to make a temp home for a tiger salamander at 1am.


They are wild here and plentiful so we are able to keep him, but generally hard to find since they are nocturnal. Luckily this guy found us, and we found him before both the cat and dog got a hold of him since both went out at the same time.


Now waiting to hear if anyone on freecycle has an aquarium they don't need anymore. By the end of the week he will have a proper terrestrial tank set up.


He loved the earthworm the kids dug up to feed him today. At least we can simply dig up worms to feed him for now. Come winter I will have to buy crickets and such.


We have added some drift wood I had in the nature centre and such too for now to give him places to hide and climb.

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So jealous! It's been ages since I've caught a salamander. It was my favorite pastime as a kid, Red Efts being the preferred type. :D


The last time I caught one was before Hunter was born. He just turned 9 lol The kids recently caught a gartar snake too but set it free before showing me. Again it is something I used to catch as a kid but never seem to see anymore.


Funny the things we remember doing as kids (catching salamanders, snakes etc) that I realize my kids have no experience with. We study nature all the time but the cities/towns etc have grown so much since I was a kid and there simply is not the wildlife living so bountifully like it was when I was younger.

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