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Please Help with MCT CE choices

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My DS12 (rising 7th) has done the Spelling Workout books since the beginning (TWTM recs) and is now ready for Vocab/Word Roots. After reading threads here, I've decided not to go with Classical Roots, but to try MCT Caesar's English.



is each book enough for a whole year (20 lessons)?

Should I start with book 1 or book 2 (since the last two SW books have dealt with word roots) ? He's a very good/advanced reader, but not the best speller.

I've read that I only need the Teacher's Ed. if I go with the "older" version (not the new classical version).

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I haven't seen the new version, but we love the original CE series. You do only need the TE and I think there is plenty of material for a full year.


If you want additional exercises to go with the word roots chapters, I have a schedule correlating CE 1 & 2 with Prufrock Press' Red Hot Root Words 2 on my dormant blog.

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And please DON'T skip the first book. There are many WONDERFUL roots (and explanations) in there that you won't want to miss! My son is so entranced with this book that he's using the vocabulary words in casual conversation and freaking his friends out! He's just having fun though. Our other vocabulary series, Sadlier, is very solid, but it doesn't inspire anyone to use those words at the dinner table. Something about the MCT style of digging deeply into the word, maybe... :)

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CE II actually reviews the roots and words from CE I. But I don't think that the reviewed words appear on the tests.


My son is using CE II in his English class in school this year. I was so glad to see that the review of CE I was in there because I wanted him to get everything in both books (we only did half of CE I a few years ago).

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