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anyone own Time for Kids United States Atlas 2010

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I am wondering if the pages are plain paper or "plastic covered"


I want to get one for the boys on our 16+ hour drive to GA, but i want then to be able to mark it up with dry erase crayons and for me to be able to clean it off for them to do it again.

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I don't have it. It says it is paper back so I would assume regular paper. Wipe off sheets usually come with a special marker and I don't see one listed.


I would be really surprised to find out that it was wipe off.


You could cut the pages out, put them in a thin binder and use page protectors to make it wipe off.

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I have it. The pages are glossy. I haven't used dry erase crayons so I don't know how well they would work.


Almost the whole book is color photos and the pages are pretty busy. Not really any room to write on those pages.


There is just 4 pages of puzzles in the back. If you wanted to reuse those pages, it would be simple to just copy them.



FWIW - I bought it for a road trip last summer and no one has ever really looked at it.

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