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If you don't report to anyone what paperwork do you sent to publishers?

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In the past I have had to register with the state, I had children in special education programs. At the time I registered as a homeschooler with the various publishers. I have also submitted a homeschool affadavit upon request. Sadlier-Oxford, whom I have previously registered with, is requesting homeschool verification with my current order. I wasn't planning on registering with my state now that I'm not required. What do you send publishers if you are off the grid?

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Make yourself a free homeschool teacher ID with homeschool buyer's co-op. Give your school a good sounding name and you get less hassle from publishers. I found I got more hassle when it was just our last name family homeschool compared to ____ Preparatory Academy. I didn't use my name for it. I found a cool Latin phrase. Also, set up a free yahoo or gmail email with your school name. It seems to help to have an email that looks like it is a school even if it doesn't have an .edu ending. ___prepacademy@___.com seems to do the trick every time.

I have not had any problems getting publisher approval for purchases with my "teacher" ID and my "school" email.

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