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Shopping for myself (ugh), and skirt question

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Do you love/hate shopping for yourself? I hate it. I hate trying to pick out clothes because I'm such a plain jane when it comes to style. Trying them on is even worse because I end up with much more stuff that doesn't work than does, which makes my attitude deteriorate with every bad choice. But I have to go today. I lost weight and had to toss my jeans. I'm down to one pair of pants total. My shirts are all tired looking and some even have small holes. Really, I mostly wear men's tshirts, nice ones, not graphic tshirts. I don't like how women's shirts are so form fitting.


And what about skirts? What's the style now? I really like the long peasant type, but are those meant for younger ladies or even out of style? I would never wear a skirt above my knee anymore. If I get some long skirts, do I just wear flats with them? I only own Sperry shoes.

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I don't know about peasant skirts, but maxi's are definitely in style. I recently saw a woman in her 50's, normal mid-life build ;), rock an outfit something like this: maxi with jacket. I immediately thought, "I could wear that!" A sweater on top would be cute, too.


Check out Levi's 525 straight leg jeans online (Kohls and Macy's might carry them, too). I have found these jeans to be comfortable, stylish, flattering, and they tend to bridge across sizes while losing weight.


Good luck! Don't worry if today is just a scouting trip--you can always go shopping again after you've had a chance to think about what you saw. Also, don't keep anything you don't love. Return it!

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I hate shopping. Mainly because nothing fits right or looks nice and since I'm just home with the kids 99% of the time, buying nice clothes seems a waste.


I love fall because it seems so much easier to dress slightly nicer. Boots with leggings and long shirts, maxi skirts with boots and sweaters. I love my sweaters - pull-overs, cardigans, the long unbuttoned ones (coat sweaters?). I love my long-sleeve t-shirts - they always seem nicer than short sleeve ones even if they are similar otherwise. I have a bunch of maxi skirts and a few that would be considered peasant style. I'm 43 years old and don't really care if other people think it's inappropriate.


So, I guess IMO - long maxi skirts with sweaters or long sleeve t-shirts, worn with knee high boots is my go-to outfit this time of year.


But I don't think anyone would describe me as fashionable. :tongue_smilie:

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If I had the money, I would love shopping for clothes! But I just don't like spending the money.


If you are looking for a skirt, you can never go wrong with an A-lined skirt. They flatter pretty much most body shapes and usually make your waist look smaller since they "bell" out at the bottom. Same thing with boot cut jeans...the bell at the bottom draws your eyes upward and makes your legs look longer.

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I used to hate shopping until I figured out a few things.


1. Things may not fit, it's not you, it's the clothes. Get them tailored.


2. I figured out what works on me and what doesn't (clothes, styles etc) and avoid buying stuff that doesn't work on me no matter how cute I think it looks on the rack.


3. I keep a list and pinterest inspiration board and stick to buying only those things that will work for me and with the rest of my wardrobe. I don't do unplanned shopping anymore.

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When I have no idea what I want, what is stylish, and what looks good on me, I go to some of the more high end small shops (Talbots, Ann Taylor, Eddie Bauer, etc.) and just try on a lot of combinations. When I decide what looks good and what I like, I head out to other stores.


FWIW, I get completely overwhelmed by the big department stores. Our Dillards has womens clothing on every floor! That makes for a very chaotic shopping time. I don't like shopping in general and I really hate being overwhelmed. But if I have an idea of what I'm looking for, I can often find it at the department stores and often it is on the clearance rack :)

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I don't usually shop online. So much of what I try on at the stores doesn't fit the way I think it should and I'm worried I'd be spending a lot of time shipping clothes back to stores.


I was planning on going to Kohls. It's my go-to store for our whole family. I can always get clothes for good prices. I also used to shop at JCPenneys but I haven't been there in a while. It's over 30 mins. away and I'm too lazy to drive that far. :)


Maxi skirts. That's what I was thinking. When I think of a peasant skirt, I'm picturing a long skirt that is tiered, usually with different fabrics. I'll look for skirts. I seem to recall seeing lots of maxi dresses though. I don't want a dress, the top part isn't my style, especially because so many are sleeveless and/or have low cleavage.

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I used to really dislike clothes shopping - not clothes shopping in the U.K. (which I absolutely love), but only in the U.S.

The layout just seems to be easier and less cluttered in the U.K.


I was planning on going to Kohls.

I visited Kohls for the first time this summer and really loved it. It helped that I went with some fashion-savvy friends who gave me great advice.

Some good style books may help.

Charla Krupp's book is one of my favorites.

I haven't spent enough time reading this one. I have it.

Also, shows like What Not to Wear, etc. help as well. Dd and I have watched lots and lots of those. They also have lots of books.

I have lots and lots of tips on clothes and body types. I can share those also.

Here are some basics:

Make a list before you shop, not of what you want to buy, but of the 10 favorite items in your closet. This will help you zero in on pieces that mesh with what you own (or remind you that you never actually wear big floral prints).


Don’t buy it if you don’t love it and love it only if flatters you!


A garment’s lining is often a designer’s calling card, and a good way to judge quality. A well-crafted lining is a sign that the whole piece has been sewn with care.


If you have a limited budget, spend it on accessories. Cool shoes, interesting jewelry – those can really elevate your look. A wardrobe of the right little extras lets you be more relaxed about the rest of your outfits.


Always show your curves, no matter what your size.


Recognize your assets and choose clothes which flatter this part of your body.


Just realize that you don't need to start our buying an entire new wardrobe. Many stylish women build up their wardrobe over the course of years. They continue to wear classics from past seasons and then add a top or a skirt at a time every few months to make it fresh.

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