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Question for those who do fertility charting...

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Ok ladies, I need some help figuring this out! I've been charting for 6 months as we are ttc. My charts are fairly consistent...ovulation around day 17-19 and a lp of 10-11 days. This month I ovulated on Day 19. Dh and I had teA the day of ovulation. Around 10 dpo my temp dropped .6 degrees. I expected af. I always get af the day my temp drops. No af! Next day, temp rises .3 degrees. Today temp rises another .3 degrees. Today is 12 dpo. My bOOks are sore, but they get that way before af. I tested yesterday (way too early I know) and of course it was negative. What could be going on? I NEVER have a drop in temp w/out af coming the same day. I'm hopeful this might mean I am pregnant (implantation drop in temp). What do you think?

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So AF is late by a day or so, you had good timing this month, and your temp went back up. I'd say there is a chance of it, for sure! Maybe just keep an eye on it for a couple more days then take a test. That said, I couldn't manage that and took the most sensitive test I could find right about where you are now (and it was very VERY faintly positive, but the second test I took (digital) was negative). If negative test upset you I'd wait a few more days and then try again (if still no AF).

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