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Went to a new pedicure place today-now there's a cut on toe-how to prevent infection?

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It's right on the edge of my big toe right by the corner of the nail and going down underneath the nail. It really hurts, and I'm not very sensitive! He used the little snipper scissors and I think he must have cut too close or something? Anyway, I'm terrified of getting an infection or MRSA or something now. Grrr! (they did a HORRIBLE job-dd's big toe polish was already peeling off in one place within two hours.)


Any way to prevent infection? Maybe Neosporin?

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I assume you already washed it

a lot with warm soapy water.


I would rub it with alcohol swabs

and put Neosporin on it. I would

leave it to air dry.


I would also call my doctor and let

them know. I would be concerned about blood-borne diseases in addition to infection; if they are cutting a couple people a day and being careless, they might not be disinfecting the equipment properly.

Call your doctor and see what the

professional advice is.

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AGH! I didn't even think about blood-borne diseases!! Now I'm really freaking out!


Try not to freak out yet. :grouphug: I would call the place you visited, and ask what their sanitation policy/procedure is. You may have just gotten unlucky with the talent of your service providers. It may ease your mind just to find out what they do and how they clean equipment.


Either way, I agree with calling your doctor to get a medical opinion, and just to see what the risks would be.

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