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List of *original* Magic School Bus books


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I would like to find a list somewhere of the original Magic School Bus books, the ones that were written before the animated show came out. The writing quality of the first books seems to be a lot better than the others. DD7 and I read the warm-blooded cold blooded animals book the other night, and there were hardly any facts in it, just a weird story that didn't really teach anything.


Anyone have any ideas?

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I'm not sure how many there are, but these are the ones that we own and have read. I'm pretty sure they are "originals" because we have one about Bats that is formatted more like a beginning reader and says "based on the books by." So maybe you'll have better luck with these:


The Magic School Bus:

-Inside a Hurricane

-At The Waterworks

-On The Ocean Floor

-Inside The Human Body

-Inside A Beehive

-Inside The Earth

-Lost In The Solar System

-and The Electric Field Trip


There's also one about Dinosaurs that we've checked out at the library. I don't have any experience with the chapter books.

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Oh, if you like the original series you will also like the new original series by the same author. Ms. Frizzle travels in time.


Ms. Frizzle's Adventures in Imperial China



Ms. Frizzle's Adventures in Ancient Egypt


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It look like there is a medieval castle one too.




These look so good, but all my current students find pages like these too busy and confusing. They actually prefer "dry" curricula, to busy living books.


I'm excited to see this series. I hope it is continued.

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