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SOTW lit suggestions


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Has anybody put these all into a list? Instead of having to copy down the suggestions each week before I go to the library, I'd rather have a list I can just keep in the car...anybody made one? Don't want to reinvent the wheel...;)


Well, not the list from the activity guide as it would violate copyright (to post it in its entirety here), but I create my own personal list each year during the summer. It also includes many books not mentioned in the guide. I have gotten better about it over the years. The first year, it was handwritten. Then, I began typing it. You can find mine on the left-hand side of my blog.


Researching books to use for topics is a sort of hobby of mine. LOL

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I just browse our library system using the various keywords, and request a hold on all the titles I want. Some people here have done great lists, but it's frustrating if you can't afford to buy the books and they aren't available in your library. I must say, though, I've been disappointed at the number of topics on which I can get no age appropriate books.

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