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Fun? What do you do, personally...

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This will sound silly, but I LOVE it!


I download a radio show -- two guys in Sacramento that are hysterical. They discuss current events from having a date night with a wife when two babies are at home to current events like Iraq.


Note: they're conservative. They're two married guys w/ kids who are 48 yrs. old and so, so funny.


I highly recommend listening at least twice so you get the vibe.


Their names are Armstrong & Getty and you find them here: http://www.newstalk910.com/cc-common/podcast/single_page.html?podcast=ang2011 (to see all of the hours that are available just pull the cursor down and they'll appear.)


Anyway, I download their podcasts onto my ipod and walk the dog and listen. Drivers must think I'm strange, because I appear to be cracking up at nothing.


Honestly, when they go on vacation I feel like my friends are gone.



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i live in a rural area too. walmart is also 30 minutes away, lol. there is a fabulous bike trail in my town. we enjoy that a lot. i live 40 miles from panama city beach. so, that is fun too! (the kids and i are going for a week at the end of the month! can't wait!).


on another note, i just took up sewing a few months ago. i had no idea what a "bobbin" was prior to buying my machine, but now i can make my own clothes, purses, curtains. it's so fun! i also love youtube and pinterest for free or cheap DIY crafts and projects. i'm a hobby kind of girl though, and i love to learn new things & there are so many great tutorials online.


i love home decor, sewing, crocheting, crafting, painting, salvaging, repurposing, etc. (love blogs!). i also like cooking and baking ...but go through phases with all of that. i also love BBC shows & for "fun" i've enjoyed many of the series available through netflix. i did run for a few years and really enjoyed participating in half marathons. with my husband's schedule though that just isn't feasible right now (i can't leave the kiddos home alone while i train).


anyway - these are some things i consider "fun". so, depending on our finances and my husband's work schedule, that usually determines where my interests lay for the time being. i get tired of things easily though, so i hop around hobbies a lot:) right now, i'm into home decor because we just bought the home we are renting & i'm dying to fix it up!


ETA - oh, the library! fun and free! they even have a computer room for my kids after they choose stuff, and then i can walk around and get books and movies:).

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sew (I like projects, haven't had time/space for years)



volunteer for various things (I'm picky, I don't volunteer for a continuous job that I do not enjoy. Volunteering is work. Today, I helped at a big race in my town. I used to shelve books in the library--yes, I did like that. I've done a lot of other stuff. You meet people and you support a cause important to you.)

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I just made a list of what I'd like to do. Here it is (both small things & big dreams):

-Zumba class

-Write a book

-Continue writing articles about special needs homeschooling (I've had one published & another one will be published soon)

-Play the piano (we have one from when dd11 took piano)

-Play the guitar (hubby plays & could teach me)

-create a YouTube video series of me teaching my little one (maybe it's just me, but I feel that there is a real need for help for special needs homeschoolers--just thinking maybe I could show others what works for us)

-teach Five in a Row next semester at co-op

-create a special needs homeschool curriculum

-read The Hunger Games series & watch the movies

-drink coffee with friends

-host ladies' get togethers

-Try the couch to 5k program

-shopping (frugally!)

-decorating (on a budget)

-nature walks/study

-new hairstyle

-watch movies

-do at home facials, manicures, & pedicures

-have more date nights with hubby



-shoot my gun/target practice

-have giveaways on my blog

-try new foods (low carb, my "forever" way of eating)


That's what I have so far. I know I need to get out of this rut & nobody can do it for me. I've got to just make up my mind & do some (or all) of these ideas!

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