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Moms of twins . . . I have a question about scholarships

Kimm in WA

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I have twin boys who will soon be applying for college and scholarships.


I wonder if it's best for them to apply for separate scholarships since they are identical in nearly every way - interest in future major, grades, test scores, volunteer work, Scout and karate participation.


What do you all think? I'd especially like to hear from those with twins who have BTDT.




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I have two "Irish" twins, 13 months apart. They applied to the same school (and 4 others each), and are going to the same school. One is strong in music, the other in academics... so they applied to different departments and got different aid packages..


This was mainly school funding/scholarships, not private.. So I would focus on their separate gifts/talents/strengths..

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My twin daughters both received merit scholarships (the same amount) from a state university based on their SAT scores. Those scholarships cover tuition. Then they received some smaller ones based on my father's alumni membership at that uni. Then one of them received another unexpected scholarship--one of those that is for a student from one of "these" three counties who is majoring in one of "these" four areas.


They both also applied to a private LAC, and received the same amount (as each other) in scholarship offers, which added up to about half the cost. But due to the much higher costs of the private uni-, they decided they preferred to go where there would be no financial struggles than worry each year over whether they could continue to go there or not.

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