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Any suggestions to repair my washing machine?

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I'm on a mission to make my washer/dryer last as long as possible. It's about 16 yrs old and they are both working quite well (except that the washer leaks).


I think it might be related to the basket on the inside. The basket sets crooked so the water pours into the basket but not evenly - it looks like it goes behind it a bit as well into the drum area. (Not sure if these are the right terms). During this time, water leaks onto the floor. I've been keeping a towel on the floor, but I think it's time to figure it out before I cause damage to the floor.


Any suggestions on what I should look at first? I'm not very fix-it-ish (I know that's not a word). I don't want to pay a repairman or buy a new washer when it may be something DH and I can do ourselves.


Help? :)

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